Turdcules: Rejoice, men! There’s a new name in bathroom deodorizers and it’s made just for you. With Turdcules Toilet Elixirs, you’ll have the power to pulverize man-sized odors with scents so manly they’ll put hair on your chest.  For decades, society has gradually lowered the gavel of oppression on our manhood, and we say ENOUGH! The days of glitter beards and fruity beers are over, and a Man-volution will rise from the grease and sawdust to capture what was once ours…the bathroom.

Representing In: MN, ND, SD, WI, NE, IA

FOB: Cookville, TN

Accepts: Visa/MC/AMEX

Minimum Order/Re-Order: $120 / $120

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